Bullying and anxiety

What Children Are Telling Us About Bullying

At the beginning of Anti-bullying Week, the NSPCC has published a report about what children tell Childline about bullying. This aims to help adults understand what bullied children are experiencing, think about what support they need, and consider how to respond effectively. Key points include: the way bullying is carried out has changed over time; bullying can have a big impact on a child; it can be difficult to ask an adult for help and children sometimes feel that talking to a parent or teacher will not achieve anything; peer support, for example through the Childline message boards, is very important.

Source: NSPCC Date: 14 November 2016

Further information: What children are telling us about bullying (PDF)

Child Anxiety

Woman’s Hour discusses the recent increase in children contacting Childline with anxiety. Advice for parents is given by Emily Cherry, Head of Childline Young Campaigners, and Isabella Goldie of the Mental Health Foundation. The Huffington Post has also published tips for talking to a child who is anxious about world events.

Source: Woman’s Hour Date: 10 November 2016

Further information: Huffington Post

Childline – worries about the world

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