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Swanwick Hall School are are currently recruiting for a Teaching Assistant with BSL Level 2 (or willing to work towards) to support a student fully access classroom learning.

Post Edited: Selston High School Seeks Governors to join their local governing body.

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Curriculum aim: Art

Art strives to enable all to be creative and to express yourself in a creative way. Students are encouraged to follow pathways which push and develop core skills, artistic appreciation, expression and understanding. Students have access to a wide range of media, resources and influences within the Art department. We believe that everyone can be artistic and we encourage students to perform and express themselves throughout their study of Art.

Curriculum aim: Drama

Drama is an exciting, creative and challenging subject allowing students to learn how to explore performance. We aim to help students develop skills in speaking, listening, presentation skills and developing confidence. Drama also helps develop empathy, enabling students to have an understanding for others.

Curriculum aim: Music

At Key Stage 3 (KS3) students can expect to be challenged in their performance skills from the very beginning using a number of instruments including voice, ukuleles, keyboards and drums. They are introduced to a variety of music and given opportunities to listen, compose and create.

Creative Arts Faculty Staff

Mr Picker – Student Progress Leader

Mr Snowden – Assistant Student Progress Leader: Art

Mrs Baker – Art

Mrs Reeve – Assistant Student Progress Leader: Music

Mrs Jenkins