Design and Technology

Curriculum Aim

Students will leave school with the skills and experiences to underpin future training and education for employment in a wide range of industries and sectors and the ability to complete everyday functional tasks with confidence and ease.

Knowledge gained will provide students with a wider perception of the skills gaps in the employment market and what future roles may develop as technology and product demand changes including technological advances in the future employment market.

Students across all Key stages will develop a wide breadth of knowledge surrounding the process of design and manufacture for our everyday products and be able to rationalise the impact these have on the environment we live in.

Students will be able to recall key people within industries and how they have changed our use and desire for products, processes and services over time and be able to analyse where design might be heading based on current trends and predictions for the future.

Students will develop the ability to test and evaluate products in their current context and make adaptations for use, across design and manufacturing stages leading to in-depth product study tests and evaluation which takes into consideration target market/user feedback.

We promote a KS3 & 4 curriculum that enables students to relate learning and practical experiences to the wider world and provide opportunities for students to reflect on differing cultural and social situations as well as understanding the historical foundations of their chosen subject within British culture.

Faculty Staff

Mrs J Brierley-Warren – Student Progress Leader

Mrs K Beeson – Assistant Student Progress Leader

Mr D Leman – Assistant Student Progress Leader

Mr M Buck

Mr R Warren

Mr D Boyce

Mr D Billyeald – Technician

Mrs H Curzon – Technician

Mrs N Walker – Technician

Learning Journey

Design Technology Learning Journey