Students have the option of using the school Dining Hall, bringing a packed lunch or returning home for lunch.  If students are leaving the school site during the lunch hour they must have a letter stating permission from parents.  They must then come to the school office for a lunchtime pass which is only given if we are clear that the student is going to a house to be supervised by an appropriate adult.  The current opening times throughout the day are:

Breakfast – 8.20am – 8.50am
Morning Break – 11.00am – 11.20am
Lunchtime  Years 7 to 9: 12.15pm to 1.15pm, Years 10 to 13: 1.15pm – 2.10pm

For students wishing to use the Dining Hall we operate a “cashless biometric fingerprint” system.   Each student has an individual account which will need to be kept in credit by parent/carer.  A recommended daily spending limit of £3.50 is applied to all students.  If you wish to change this amount please advise the Dining Hall.

For students on free meal entitlement the value of their meal will go onto the individuals fingerprint each day.  Students can also add money to their account, if the student exceeds the free meal value the extra amount will be deducted from the money credited to the account.

This system has been found to be extremely safe and has given many benefits, especially speeding up payments in the Dining Hall and reducing queuing.  Money in the students’ accounts can only be spent in the school Dining Hall and balance statements are available from the Dining Hall on request.

There are 2 ways of adding value to the card account;
1) Online payments via Parentpay
2) Paying cash into a secure machine, using their finger.  The machines are installed in the Dining Room.

If you have any queries about the dining room please email enquiries@swanwickhall.derbyshire.sch.uk.

Children who are entitled to free school meals should have received the appropriate form from the Primary School.  If not, you will need to contact DCC on 01629 536481 / 535743 or email: checking@derbyshire.gov.uk..  Any questions regarding the Dining Hall, menu’s or biometric system please contact the school on 01773 602106.

To apply for Free School Meals please visit the DCC Website by clicking here.


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