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A few things about crosswords and tips for how to complete them successfully…

  • In the list of words and phrases, each number corresponds to a number in the grid
  • There is a set of clues for horizontal words (across) and another set of clues for vertical clues (down). This means that the words will intersect at given points. This helps further with the clues
  • The number in brackets at the end of each clue is the number of letters in that answer
  • However, don’t just jump in and write the first word that fits that you think of. There may be more than one European country that is a 6-letter word: France, Sweden, Greece, Russia, Latvia etc… Look at several clues and see if you can link them with others that pass through them
  • Make sure that your answer is the correct part of speech: noun, verb, adjective, adverb. Some clues can be more than one, leading to different possible answers. ‘Telephone’ could mean the item itself, or the act of using one – noun or verb; ‘fast’ could be an adjective meaning either speedy or stuck, or the verb meaning to go without food
  • If it’s a verb, check carefully which part of the verb it is. Watch, watches and watched will lead to slightly different answers
  • Some clues are anagrams. Usually there is a clue which goes with the anagram, sometimes not. The word will always be scrambled into other known words, and not just random letters
  • Some answers will be split into more than one word. So a 10 letter space could have 2-1-6, ‘at a stretch’, or 6-4, ‘boiled over’ as the answer. The clue will always tell you how many letters in each word
  • Some clues could have more than one meaning. ‘flat’ could refer to the place you can live, not hilly or needing to be pumped up
  • Sometimes you will need to think outside the box a bit, especially if a clue ends with a ? or !
  • Some clues fit across two spaces, this will always be stated
  • All mainstream crossword grids are symmetrical, in that they have 180° rotational symmetry

Students can complete individually, in pairs or as a group but don’t forget to put the names of the students on them before you hand in to Mr Fawcett to be in with a chance of winning a prize…..deadline for the Festive set of crosswords is Monday 6th January!

Crossword 10×10 #2 Festive

Crossword 13×13 #2 Festive

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