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Year 10 Grades and Target Setting Information

Admissions Consultation

The Two Counties Trust will be consulting on its admissions arrangements for 2022-23. For more information please visit Two Counties Trust

Swanwick Hall Admission Policy – Part 2

Consultation Information letter November 2020

Consultation Newsletter November 2020

Consultation-Contact Form November 2020

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Trust Chief Executive Appointment

Two Counties Trust letter to parents 23.9.20

School Day Timings

We have made some final tweaks to the details of the school day timings in line with routines that we’ve established over the first three weeks of term. These do not affect the start and end of the day, but are mainly around movement times and the starts and ends of breaks and lunches.

All students will be given a copy of the timings for their year group on Monday morning by their tutor. The whole school version is below. You may find it useful to go through this with your children.

The departure times at the end of the day will now be fixed. These are:

3.15 p.m. Years 7 and 9
3.20 p.m. Years 8 and 10
3.25 p.m. Years 11, 12 and 13

This allows slightly more learning time for year groups taking exams this year.

School Day Timings


Behaviour for learning and Rewards and Engagement Policy

Our priorities are to ensure that everyone is both safe and making the most of their learning in lesson.  The Rewards and Engagement Policy has been developed to reflect both our aims and values as a school and the current situation; we want to make sure that, whatever the circumstances, the experiences and learning encountered by everyone on site, students and staff alike, are as positive as possible.

As before, parents and students can view the behaviour log on mobile devices through the ClassCharts app.  Should you require any help at all in setting that up, please speak to your child’s Progress and Achievement Manager (PAM) in the first instance.  It is worth noting that a significant proportion of students start this year with a good number of accrued reward points from their work during the closure period.  As a result, many students are already ‘buying’ rewards and these will start to be distributed from next week.

In terms of day to day practicalities, before lockdown, almost 85% of all points awarded were for positive behaviours.  That picture will continue, and hopefully become even more dominant, given how well our students have returned this year.  However, where issues do occur, specifically in classrooms, we will follow the procedure below;

  • Staff will use every opportunity to remind students about expectations
  • Should a student not respond positively to those reminders, they will be asked to move to the single desk available in each room; this will be considered a formal warning
  • Should the student still not respond appropriately, the Progress and Achievement Manager will attend the classroom and try to work with the student to ensure that they can settle to learn.
  • When the Progress and Achievement Manager is called for, should they feel that they need to remove the student, the student will automatically receive a 30 minute detention at the end of the same school day.  Any student that fails to attend the detention may be subject to a fixed term exclusion.

We will then require that a responsible adult come to school to collect the student in question at 3.50 p.m.  We want to ensure that we work with families to ensure that behaviour is as strong as it can be to create the most effective and safe learning environment.  The conversation at that point will focus on how the next day will be better.

Given what we have seen so far, we hope that the higher levels of this ‘ladder’ will not need to be used very often at all.  Our students are generally fantastic; they are caring, respectful, happy and keen to learn.  With those attitudes, the above only serves as a reminder of how we ensure that we effectively serve the needs of the vast majority of our school community.

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1/3 Important message for parents – your child needs a face mask in school. From Monday 2nd November, students will be required to wear face masks in special areas.  These spaces include corridors and dining hall queues.

We are looking for new candidates to join our Local Governing Body at multiple schools within the Trust. If this is of interest, please email Sam Hollingsworth on

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