Curriculum Aim

In Maths at Swanwick Hall we want students to develop fluency and reasoning before developing their approach to problem solving.

Students will

  • have opportunities to increase in competence and confidence for fundamental areas of mathematics to draw and build upon their knowledge. Students will explore a range of ways to represent structures and answers.
  • start to explore algebraic reasoning to make connections and generalisations between mathematical ideas and relationships using a variety of mathematical language.
  • progress into routine and non routine problems to allow students to recall and use their knowledge of topics and adapt to a range of situations as well as learning how to approach these using a variety of problem solving techniques.

At all times during study students will be developing their understanding of the interconnected nature of the subject and apply their ideas and understanding as part of the development of fluency, reasoning and problem solving at a pace that is appropriate for each individual.

Faculty Staff

Mr M Roberts – Student Progress Leader

Mr S Dymond – Assistant Student Progress Leader

Mrs A Mills – Assistant Student Progress Leader

Miss J Tuke

Mr S Worrall

Miss J Waldron

Miss T Highfield

Ms G Shields

Mr W Bloomer

Mrs M Myers

Learning Journey

Maths Learning Journey foundation

Maths Learning Journey higher