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For information on how to keep safe online, please see our Safeguarding section by clicking here

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Online Safety Update

A guide has been published for parents/carers to help them to help their children become safer online.  Please download for useful information regarding social media, the website and online gaming.


Six Online Crazes Parents Need To Be Aware Of

An internet safety group is warning parents to be on the lookout for harmful online challenges their children may feel pressured to take part in.  For more information click here.

How To Keep Your Children Safe When Using Social Media

1 in every 5 parents think that there are no age requirements for joining a social media site and most parents in the UK have no idea whether their children are old enough to have a social media account.  For more information click here.

E-Safety Update.

Snapchat have updated their software such that now, users can show exactly where they are, even within buildings, using their new ‘Snap Map’ feature.  It was intended that close friends would be able to track one another.  Whilst locations are only shared with known contacts, some of those contacts may not be in the same face-to-face friendship group.  To ensure security, we advise that parents set all snap chat profiles to ‘Ghost’ mode within settings which ensures that a child’s location cannot be easily discovered.

For more information please download the information sheet below.


Smartphone App Tell Parents When Children Are Sexting

Parents worried their children are swapping inappropriate pictures and selfies with friends, or even strangers, online are being offered a smartphone app to automatically spot suspect images.  To read the full story and for more information please click here.

Police Warn Parents About The Movie Star Planet App

Police have issued a warning to parents after an eight-year-old girl was sent “explicit messages” via an app’s private messaging service.  For the full story please click here.

Social Media Giants Urged To Improve Internet Safety For Children
The Culture Secretary has challenged social media giants including Twitter and Facebook to do more to keep children safe online. For the full story please click here.
Do You Have A Smart TV? Discover How To Make It Safe For Your Children
Smart TVs are just like regular TVs but they’re connected to the internet. This means you can use them to send emails, browse the web and download apps. It opens up a world of opportunity, but is also a minefield for parents who let their children use one.  For information on how to make your Smart TV safe click here.
WhatsApp: Security Experts Warn That Facebook’s Chat App Can Be Insecure
WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the most secure chat platforms, according to Amnesty International. But that decision has already met with scepticism from people in the technology community, some of whom have warned that it might not be safe to use the apps at all.  More information can be found here
5 Apps Parents Need To Be Aware Of


The Dangers Of ‘Snapchat’ And Therefore Other Social Media

Please click here to find more about ‘Snapchat’.

Many of you will have seen press coverage reporting the upload of a large number of stolen Snapchat photos to the internet.

These images have apparently been taken from a third party site ‘’ which appears to have been hacked. ‘’ enables users to save Snapchat pictures rather than see them disappear but in doing so saves the images on its own servers. Press reports state that it is images from this database which have been uploaded and made available via the 4Chan discussion boards. This story from The Independent provides background.

From the press reports it would appear that:

  • It is unlikely the images are linked to usernames so it would be hard to locate a photo of an individual.
  • There is no additional personal information associated with images.
  • Most of the images are not sexual.

Despite this, young people may be concerned that images of them have been uploaded. Support is available and know what to do if they lose control of a sexual image. It’s never too late to get help.

Young people can:

  • Talk to a counsellor at ChildLine on 0800 1111 or at ChildLine will also work with the Internet Watch Foundation to notify sites hosting images to have them removed.
  • If young people are being harassed, threatened or blackmailed because of a sexual image they can report to us at CEOP via the CEOP report form at
  • If images end up on a site they can often report to the sites where they have been shared. Find out how to report to some popular sites in the ‘Help’ sections of our Thinkuknow for 11-13s &Thinkuknow for 14+ sites.
Students must remember:

Young people must understand that the age of criminal responsibility can be applied from the age of ten  and Facebook accounts should not be held until the age of 13.

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