Our Curriculum Structure

Curriculum Structure

Our curriculum in all Year groups is a broad and balanced one.  At Key Stage 3 students follow courses in English, maths, science, MFL (French or Spanish), History, Geography, RE, Design & Technology (Food, Textiles, Product Design), Creative Arts (Art, Music, Drama), and PE.  In addition, students in Years 8 & 9 have the opportunity to further broaden their learning experiences through our Enrichment programme, which includes the opportunity for them to study a second foreign language.

Students are taught in sets according to ability in the following subjects from Year 7 onwards: English, MFL, History, Geography, Maths and Science.  Students are taught in mixed ability groups from Year 7 onwards in Technology, Music, Drama, Art, and PSHE.  In Computing and RE students are taught in mixed ability groups in Years 7 & 8, and then are setted by ability in Year 9.  In PE at KS3, students have 1 lesson per week taught in mixed ability groups and 1 lesson in setted single-sex groups; in Year 9 students are taught in single-sex setted groups for both of their PE lessons.

This approach enables us to provide highly effective differentiation in academic subjects coupled with groupings that effectively support and develop students’ social interactions and their understanding of different perspectives and viewpoints, all of which are key factors in supporting their learning in creative and practical subjects.  In Year 7, those students who would benefit from additional literacy support have additional literacy lessons instead of starting a modern language.  These students will have the opportunity to start learning a modern language in Year 8.

In Years 10 and 11, all students study English Language and English Literature (leading to two GCSEs), Maths (one GCSE), and Combined Science (leading to two GCSEs). In addition, students choose four option subjects covering a wide range of qualifications.  For further information, please see the Key Stage 4 Pathways booklet.

In the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13), students choose from a wide range of subjects, focussing usually on three A level choices. For further information, please see our Sixth Form prospectus.