Post 16 Information and Advice

During this time of home learning, the DANCOP Outreach team at West Nottinghamshire College has provided learners with a range of activities that can help prepare them for the transition to Post 16 learning. This online programme of activities will allow you access to the online versions of a variety of workshops and assemblies. These workshops and assemblies can help prepare you for the next steps in your education, whether that is at a sixth form, college or apprenticeship.

To access these resources please open the PDF and follow the instructions.

Online Programme of Activities 

If you would like more information on stepping up to A levels, subjects at Swanwick Hall Sixth Form have supplied information to help students take the step up to A Level. This information can be found on the link below

I hope you find these resources useful and enjoyable. 

Post 16 Options

Please find below some information regarding options, specifically Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship – this route involves working full time and receiving training to gain your qualifications on-the-job. You have to be really proactive about applying for apprenticeship vacancies. You can do further research into this route and look for vacancies on this website;

College course – this route involves attending college for at least 3-4 days per week. College courses are very practical, and theory work is taught alongside the practical work. There is a lot of choice offered by your local colleges, and courses are offered at every academic level.

Training provider – these are smaller than colleges, with smaller groups. There are various training providers in your local area that offer full time courses in various sectors including construction.

Attached is a document which gives information on how to apply for apprenticeships. You will need to create an account on the website and start to fill in the information required for an application.

The colleges also have apprenticeship departments within them and you can register with the apprenticeship service at Vision Apprentices .

Below are some websites which you can have a look at for more information:

If you has any queries or would like any help with applications, please do not hesitate to contact our school Career Advisor

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