Religious Education

Curriculum Aim

The overarching concepts for Religious Education at Swanwick Hall School are:

  • Asking Big Questions – communicating effectively and listening to others
  • Personal Growth – developing compassion and empathy
  • Respect – showing understanding and interest in the beliefs, opinions and cultures of others
  • Morality – understanding right from wrong, investigating rules and boundaries
  • Courageous Advocacy – challenging injustice and standing up for the rights of others

RE is a vital subject that enables students to develop their values, their beliefs and explore the reasons for their behaviour.  It provides a point of reflection and thought in a world where students are bombarded with information that is hard to digest and make sense of.  It ensures that students are aware and respectful of diversity and thus upholds directly two of SHS Values of inclusivity and respect.

The SMSC education of the students, whilst embedded across the whole curriculum, is significantly addressed through RE lessons.  RE provides an environment for students to debate and consider how their actions impact on others, this in turn fosters empathy and contributes to the literacy of the students.

Faculty Staff

Miss G Allen – Assistant Student Progress Leader

Learning Journey

RE Learning Journey