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Year Teams 2019-2020

If you have any questions please contact the relevant Progress & Achievement Leader or Progress & Achievement Manager for your child’s year group.  All contact details are below.

Year 7

Progress & Achievement Leader: Miss Owen –

Progress & Achievement Manager: Mrs Grimmer –

7AB Mr Barker
7HM Miss McGeough
7VD Mrs Dance
7SC Mr Collins
7AR Mrs Rice
7CF Ms Foster
7CX Miss Fearn
7NR Mrs Reeve

Year 8

Progress & Achievement Leader: Mr Warren –

Progress & Achievement Manager: Mrs Watson –


New Form Previous Form
8AD 7DM Mr Delaney
8DG 7GP Mr Godwin
8NK 7TW Miss Kallai
8AC 7SF Mr Cadney
8JB 7BY Mrs Brierley-Warren
8LP 7CP Mrs Pointon/Mrs Laing
8MS 7SB Mr Snowden
8EL 7LN Mr Lacosta

Year 9

Progress & Achievement Leader: Mr Bull –

Progress & Achievment Manager: Mr Lamb –

New Form Previous Form
9VK 8LF Mrs Kelly
9DB 8DB Mr Boyce
9LB 8LB Mrs Burt
9KS 8KS Mrs Simpson
9LN 8SD Mrs Alagh
9LA 8CD Mrs Allen
9JC 8SC Mr Cox

Year 10

Progress & Achievement Leader: Mrs Reynolds –

Progress & Achievement Manager: Miss Preston –

New Form Previous Form
10KB 9KB Mrs Beeson
10CH 9SG Mr Hicklin
10JB 9EW Mrs Jenkins/Mr Buck
10DL 9DL Mr Leman
10DS 9DS Mr Stowell
10MM 9MM Mr Martin
10OJ 9KC Mr Ojinnaka
10RP 9CF Mrs Porritt

Year 11

Progress & Achievement Leader: Mrs Hodgkinson –

Progress & Achievement Manager: Mrs Smith – 

New Form Previous Form
11SD 10AC Mr Dymond
11AB 10VD Miss Bell
11JT 10NR Mrs Tuke
11RS 10NA Ms Severn
11SG 10NK Mr Greatorex
11AK 10AK Miss Keys
11LM 10CH Miss McCoy/Mrs Lynch-Sandhu
11SW 10SW Miss White

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