Year groups

Year Teams 2020-2021

If you have any questions please contact the relevant Progress & Achievement Leader or Progress & Achievement Manager for your child’s year group.  All contact details are below.

Year 7

Progress & Achievement Leader: Mrs Hodgkinson –

Progress & Achievement Manager: Mrs Smith – 


Form Tutor
7SD Mr Dymond
7SG Mr Greatorex
7AB Miss Bell
7AM Mrs Mills
7KB Mrs Barnett
7LY Miss McCoy/Mrs Lynch-Sandhu
7WB Mr Bloomer
7JT Mrs Tuke

Year 8

Progress & Achievement Leader: Miss Owen –

Progress & Achievement Manager: Mrs Grimmer –

New Form Previous Form Tutor
8AB 7AB Mr Barker
8HM 7HM Miss McGeough
8VD 7VD Mrs Dance
8SC 7SC Mr Collins
8AR 7AR Mrs Rice
8CF 7CF Ms Foster/Miss Lawton
8AC 7CX Mr Crawshaw
8NR 7NR Mrs Reeve/Miss Waldron

Year 9

Progress & Achievement Leader: Mr Cox-

Progress & Achievement Manager: Mrs Watson –

New Form Previous Form Tutor
9AD 8AD Mr Delaney
9DG 8DG Mr Godwin
9VK 8NK Mrs Kelly/Mrs Roberts
9AC 8AC Mr Cadney
9JB 8JB Mrs Brierley-Warren
9KM 8LP Mrs Jenkins/Mr Buck
9MS 8MS Mr Snowden
9SW 8EL Miss White/Mr Smith/Mr Warren

Year 10

Progress & Achievement Leader: Mr Bull –

Progress & Achievement Manager: Mr Lamb –

New Form Previous Form Tutor
10LF 9VK Mrs Foulk/Miss Allen
10DB 9DB Mr Boyce
10LB 9LB Mrs Burt
10KS 9KS Mrs Simpson
10NA 9NA Mrs Alagh
10LA 9LA Mrs Allen/Ms Gregory
10BM 9JC RBa/FMu

Year 11

Progress & Achievement Leader: Mrs Reynolds –

Progress & Achievement Manager: Miss Preston –

New Form Previous Form Tutor
11KB 10KB Mrs Beeson
11CH 10CH Mr Hicklin
11EW 10JB Miss Wynn
11DL 10DL Mr Leman
11DS 10DS Mr Stowell
11MM 10MM Mr Martin
11JO 10OJ Mr Ojinnaka
11RP 10RP Mrs Porritt


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